EmuRA Economy

Emulsion, release agent designed for the production of so-called facing concrete elements.


It does not contain volatile substances. Contains corrosion inhibitors.
Recommended for the production of concrete elements that do not require the aesthetic appearance of the surface / products buried in the ground, etc.
Non-flammable, odorless agent. Very high biodegradability

Directions for use

  • metal parts – apply thinly with a high-pressure sprayer, do not rub. If necessary, in case of excessive application of the agent, rub the applied product after 15 minutes.
  • plywood mould – apply thinly with a high-pressure sprayer – for a better effect / aesthetic appearance of the finished concrete element, the agent can be evenly rubbed on the mold using a clean cotton cloth / cleaning cloth.

* the mold is ready to be filled with concrete immediately after the white dots disappear.
* reinforcement of the mold can take place ad hoc after the application of the release agent.

You gain

Convenient use, high-quality concrete surface, saved time.