Pioneer on the market
of biodegradable release agents

Cheminum is the manufacturer of innovative chemical agents for construction.

We create a whole spectrum of release agents for professional production of prefabricated concrete units.

BioRA Economy

Biodegradable multifunctional impregnating and separating product based on a dearomatised, odourless solvent.


For the manufacture of teriva floors, coils, pipes, when
using metal and wooden formwork, for very high/very low
temperatures. Do not use for rubber moulds.


Easy to use. Allows demoulding of prefabricated elements.
Effectively prevents pores and cracks, washes off easily, protects steel moulds against the formation and  development of corrosion, prevents moisture penetration into the formwork.

What you gain

Convenience of use, high-quality concrete surface and timesaving.

lnstructions for use of BioRA Economy

Apply a thin layer of impregnating and separating product with a high-pressure sprayer to the previously cleaned mould/formwork. Pressure 3-4 bar is recommended; TG 0.5 – TG 0.7 nozzle.
Spray from a distance of 30 – 40cm. Leave for 5 minutes for the volatile phase of the product to evaporate leaving a thin oil film.
For a better quality of the prefabricated surface, we recommend spreading the product with a clean cotton cloth or a rubber squeegee. On absorbent timber formwork, apply the product twice at an interval of 30 minutes.

Our team

Adrian Kałkowski

prezes zarządu, inż. technolog
Specjalizuje się w mechanice płynów.

Krzysztof Jóźwik

pełnomocnik zarządu, dyrektor handlowy
Współtwórca patentu, prekursor badań
nad zastosowaniem mrozoodpornych emulsji olejowo-wodnych w środkach impregnacyjnych.