Pioneer on the market
of biodegradable release agents

Cheminum is the manufacturer of innovative chemical agents for construction.

We create a whole spectrum of release agents for professional production of prefabricated concrete units.

About us

Our success lies in science, and the laboratory research is our passion. Thanks to this approach, we use the laboratory and scientific knowledge of the European Research Center EIT+ faculty on daily basis.

We work with big companies: PCC Rokita and Brenntag.

There is no place for half-measures in our production process. We always strive for a unique composition and advanced properties, keeping in mind the state of the environment that we are living in at the same time. We assume that its pollution level is high enough, and any negligence resulting in the intensification of that state must be eliminated.

We carry out a scientific research on ecological additions for concretes and we analyze the possibility to introduce super-resistant concrete products on a wider scale. We always use unconventional, but safe solutions.

Our team

Adrian Kałkowski

engineering technologist, chairman of the Board Specializes in fluid mechanics.

Krzysztof Jóźwik

Plenipotentiary of the Board, Chief Commercial Officer
Co-creator of the patent, the precursor of research studies on the application of frost-proof oil-water emulsions in anti-adhesive agents.