Pioneer on the market
of biodegradable release agents

Cheminum is the manufacturer of innovative chemical agents for construction.

We create a whole spectrum of release agents for professional production of prefabricated concrete units.

EmuRA Uniwersal

Biodegradable, universal emulsion impregnating and separating product. Also suitable for moulds heated to a high temperature. Provides a top-quality surface for the precast component.


For the production of retaining walls, railway substructures,
filigran type elements, columns, smooth and non-absorbent
formwork, formwork and metal forms


Easy application by spraying, self-adhesive, imparts excellent
quality to concrete, prevents pores and crawls, minimises
formwork cleaning time, protects steel components from
corrosion, prevents concrete moisture from penetrating the
formwork, biodegradable.

What you gain

Safety and time, environmentally friendly and versatile product
in the form of an emulsion.

lnstructions for use of EmuRA Uniwersal

Apply a thin layer of the impregnating and separating product with a high-pressure sprayer to the previously cleaned mould/formwork. Pressure 3-4 bar is recommended; TG 0.5 – TG 0.7 nozzle.
Apply from a distance of 30 – 40cm.
After an appropriate time depending on ambient/mould temperature (approximately 30 minutes), the water from the inside evaporates, leaving a thin film of oil on the mould.
The mould/concrete becomes ready for use when all the white emulsion dots have disappeared from the surface of the mould. On absorbent wood formwork, apply the product twice at an interval of 30 minutes.

Our team

Adrian Kałkowski

prezes zarządu, inż. technolog
Specjalizuje się w mechanice płynów.

Krzysztof Jóźwik

pełnomocnik zarządu, dyrektor handlowy
Współtwórca patentu, prekursor badań
nad zastosowaniem mrozoodpornych emulsji olejowo-wodnych w środkach impregnacyjnych.